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( En ) Important Rules And Numbers In Bulgaria

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The traffic rules in Bulgaria are similar to most of the European countries. However, here is a small overview that you can keep in mind to avoid troubles.


Speed limits:


City limit: 50kph/30mph (unless indicated otherwise)

Extra-urban roads: 90kph/55mph (unless indicated otherwise) Keep in mind that on most of the extra-urban roads there are 60kph/35mph limits because of small junctions etc.

Highways: 130kph/80mph (unless indicated otherwise)


If speed limit is exceeded by more than 31kph your driving license will be taken away!


Seat belts are compulsory on ALL seats (2nd row if available)


Driving with Day lights or Main Beam lights (if DRL not available) is compulsary for all the year.


Alcohol limit is 0.5 promiles


Driving on extra-urban roads and highways requires a Vignette. The cost of a 7day Vignette is ^5 or 10BGN. The month Vignette is 25BGN or in between 15-20^


Driving with fully tinted windows is forbidden. Windscreen and front side windows must have a maximum ot 25% tinting (most of the thermal windscreens have this amount).


The rear side windows and the rear window can be tinted up to 75% only if side mirrors are available.


Talking on mobile phone is forbidden without Hands-Free device or Car-Kit.


Keep in mind that most of the traffic rules are being monitored by patrol cars instead of cameras. It's good to know that in the evening u r not obligatory to stop on a patrol car unless the area has exterior lightning and is not completely dark.


This is how 90% of the patrol cars in Bulgaria look like:



Of course there are some civil cars (mostly red/white/dark blue Astra G/MK4) and some new patrol BMW 3-series.

Important numbers


112: Emergency calls

150: First help

166: Police

160: Fire Department


The numbers above are dialed without country code!


+ 359 889 733 344: Road help



Mobile Networks:


There are 3 mobile networks in Bulgaria:


M-Tel: This is the Vodafone network in Bulgaria.

Globul: This is the Cosmote network in Bulgaria.

Vivacom: This network has no international preferences.


Although roaming with all three networks is available, we recommend for Vodafone users to use M-Tel and Cosmote users to use Globul.

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